Our Technology

FMS technology provides the foundation for high volume file penetration and effective account management. Through efficient use of our technology resources we strengthen the effectiveness of our collection strategies and calling campaigns.

Collection System

FMS utilizes the cutting edge FACS collection system from Ontario. The FACS family of products is a suite of user friendly integrated tools that allows efficient gathering, prioritization, and dissemination of information required to make good management decisions and improve overall collection effectiveness. Operating on a Windows-based Dell PowerEdge platform, the FACS system allows for the most complete client reporting possible. FACS updates are complimentary to the user allowing FMS to stay on the leading edge of collection technology in the industry.

Dialer System

FMS integrates timely calling campaigns and interactive communications modules to maximize right party contacts. FMS uses two predictive dialers, the Ontario Guaranteed Contacts and IAT CT Center dialers. Both dialers have 106 seats giving FMS a total of 212 dialer seats with the capacity to triple in size. Both dialers are blended inbound and outbound and feature the capability of virtual agent and interactive messaging campaign functions.

Server System

The new Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors and CX300 fiber array delivers better performance, faster response times and the ability to handle more simultaneous users. Larger memory capability supports more applications and greater streamline opportunities.

Security System

FMS employs a state-of-the-art security system including closed circuit TV, full lock-down capability, 24 hour outside monitoring, an inert gas fire suppression and a card swipe access to the facility. FMS has a fully documented Disaster Recovery Plan with call center redundancy at two additional sites. System back-ups are performed on a nightly basis.

Telecom System

FMS uses the Nortel Succession M-1000 telephone system. The Nortel system offers advanced voice and data connectivity, LAN communications, computer integration and information services to serve your collection needs better. Additionally, FMS utilizes the Co-Nexus CXM digital recording system and the Ontario Voice Trax recorder for the purposes of call quality coaching and monitoring.